Sunday, August 15, 2010

Well, good morning all. I have no earthly idea how to write a blog, but the instructions said to just write, so here I go. First of all this blog exists at the suggestion of a couple of ladies on an Atkins forum I am a member of. We are called the Old Fat Ladies, which may give you a hint as to why we are members of that particular forum. LOL!

As to the picture on my profile- no, that isn't me- that's my half chow, half border collie Zora. At the present time in my weight loss and healthier lifestyle journey, she will be much easier on your eyes than a picture of me. I avoid pictures at all costs anyway! Needless to say, I'm not yet svelte at 173 pounds and 5'4". I'll give you a peek at me when I've taken off another 25  pounds or so! 

Having been a chef in the past and now retired caring for two ninety year old parents, I have been sharing recipes with my dear Old Fat Ladies. At the suggestion of a couple, I am doing this blog. I will post ongoing recipes I've developed as well as those of other members of the forum. Also items of interest that crop up health and medical wise pertaining to this way of life.

So that's the background of this blog. Hope some of you out there find it useful!


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