Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sharon's Easy Sun Pickles

What can be easier than Sharon's sun dill pickles! I love big fat crunchy dills, and the good news is that they are extremely low in carbs! So try this method, folks! 

Now I'm looking for a recipe for pickled okra!

Sharon's Easy Sun Dill Pickles

I make really good pickles with cukes. I take a big pickling jar, put a bunch of dill in the bottom, one jalapeno pepper and two or three big cloves of garlic cut in quarters. Then I fill the jar with cukes, add water (warm from the tap, with the hot water just a tiny bit on, not all cold water) and a few tablespoons of kosher salt, shake the jar a few times to dissolve the salt and move the garlic around, and taste it. It has to taste like the ocean -- not saltier, but not less salty either. Leave the jar in the sun for a day with the lid on. At that point the pickles will still be crunchy. This is when I put the jar into the fridge.

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