Monday, August 30, 2010

A Little Bragging of My Own

Lately, some of our OFL's have been really enjoying their fairly new grandchildren and sharing pictures here and there. So, since I do mouth off about my granddaughter Elisabeth, who is also my daughter (I raised her from an infant), I decided to share a picture of her and Zora, our beloved dog! Nothing to do with food, also! Sorry, I felt like bragging too. Elisabeth is almost nineteen and off at school and doing well. I felt like posting her picture because she is home for three days right now- pure joy with this sweet child!

Zora, our mutt, a rescue dog (also a passion of mine), is a border collie/chow mix according to our vet. A large for a border collie- but does have some of the chow traits- also a sweet-natured reward for us!

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  1. Hi Gabby....Where in the world do you find the time????? This website is a world of information and will have to come back and copy some of these great recipes.
    Elisabeth is just adorable and I am so glad you have remained close....sometimes the teen years can be trying....but see....with good up bringing family ties will win out.

    Sent an email to your sister in-law....she is amazing....wish I had the extra money to be able to buy one of her painting. Really just enjoyed looking.

    Take care Gabby and thanks for all you do for us.....estelle