Thursday, August 19, 2010

Faux Gravy courtesy of Doreen

This is one delicious gravy! I tried it today and it makes a nice thick gravy. I used a sprinkle of Worctershire, garlic powder and a little extra beef broth ( unsalted from the can). And it's suitable for all phases of the Atkins WOE.

Remove roast from pan. Pour out remain juice, (leave just a little on the bottom), into a container. Put pan on burner, med. high heat. As the juice gets really brown (almost burnt) add little bits more until you have it all in. I also add more spices now so it will have lots of flavour. Add more water (I use the water drained from my cauliflower sometimes). I then whisk Xantham gum (sprinkle gentle on, you'll see why). This thickens the 'gravy'

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