Sunday, January 8, 2012

Review of Fat Head Movie by Tom Naughton

By far, I think my favorite low carb blogger is Tom Naughton. He is not only a comedian and low carb blogger, but he has truly done the world a favor by creating the movie Fat Head! Now, if only the world will watch it- twice! Once is just not enough to get it all. He exposes the giant frauds of science researchers over the years concerning the low fat, high carb diets, the pharmaceutical companies and even the government! His movie is entertaining and yet extremely scientific, using many foremost medical researchers who are also low carbers.

I got my copy from Amazon, but it is now available for the US on iTunes to just watch or download. I cannot tell you enough just how wonderful this documentary is! My favorite quote of the whole movie is while the credits are rolling at the end: "This documentary in no way is meant to replace the useless information you can get from your physician or nutrition adviser." 

So do yourself a real favor and watch this movie! And then spread the word!

More OMG!! Can You Believe This?

Today is a day I've dedicated to doing what I please for myself. And I've chosen to go back and read low carb blogs from the months and months I missed when my mother was so ill. The following is a copied and pasted post from Dana Carpender's blog, "Hold the Toast." It's definitely in the category of OMG!! Can You Believe This?  And here I thought that some of these new "eat a high carb, low fat diet" gurus were in that category!

Have Some Viagra With Your Corn Flakes

Ever wonder about the roots of the whole "Don't eat meat, eat lots of whole grains, fruits and vegetables, caffeine and alcohol are evil" ethos? Take a look at this excerpt from Chapter 11 of Plain Facts for Old and Young by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg. Yes, that Kellogg, the guy who invented the corn flake. The title of this chapter, should you not care to click through to the link, is "TREATMENT FOR SELF-ABUSE AND ITS EFFECTS."
The following precautions are necessary to be observed in relation to diet: --
1. Never overeat. If too much food is taken at one meal, fast the next meal to give the system a chance to recover itself, and to serve as a barrier against future transgressions of the same kind. Gluttony is fatal to chastity; and overeating will be certain to cause emissions, with other evils, in one whose organs are weakened by abuse.
2. Eat but twice a day, or, if supper is eaten, let it be very light, and of the most simple food, as fruit, or fruit and bread. Nothing should be eaten within four or five hours of bed-time, and it is much better to eat nothing after three o'clock. The ancients ate but two meals a day; why should moderns eat three or four? If the stomach contains undigested food, the sleep will be disturbed, dreams will be more abundant, and emissions will be frequent. A most imperative rule of life should be, "Never go to bed with a loaded stomach." The violation of this rule is the great cause of dreams and nightmares.
3. Discard all stimulating food. Under this head must be included spices, pepper, ginger, mustard, cinnamon, cloves, essences, all condiments, pickles, etc., together with flesh food in any but moderate quantities. It is hardly to be expected that all who have been accustomed to use these articles all their lives, will discard them wholly at once, nor, perhaps, that many will ever discard them entirely; but it would be better for them to do so, nevertheless.
4. Stimulating drinks should be abstained from with still greater strictness. Wine, beer, tea, and coffee should be taken under no circumstances. The influence of coffee in stimulating the genital organs is notorious. Chocolate should be discarded also. It is recommended by some who suppose it to be harmless, being ignorant of the fact that it contains a poison practically identical with that of tea and coffee.
Hot drinks of all kinds should be avoided.
Tobacco, another stimulant, although not a drink, should be totally abandoned at once.
5. In place of such articles as have been condemned, eat fruits, grains, milk, and vegetables. There is a rich variety of these kinds of food, and they are wholesome and unstimulating. Graham flour, oatmeal, and ripe fruit are the indispensables of a dietary for those who are suffering from sexual excesses.
In other words, the point of a vegetarian diet based on grains was to reduce sex drive, thus helping to prevent that most awful of scourges, masturbation. If you read the chapter linked to, you will discover that this is about the least crazy thing Dr. Kellogg recommends. By the way, Doc Kellogg wasn't just against masturbation; he discouraged married couples from having sex any more often than they absolutely had to, and claimed his own marriage was completely chaste.
Dr. Sylvester Graham, for whom the Graham cracker is named, also recommended a vegetarian diet based on grains specifically to reduce sex drive.
I have no idea if it worked, though I do know that steroid hormones are made from cholesterol -- the body can, of course, make cholesterol itself if we don't eat it, but still, my morning cheese omelet can't have hurt. But it's interesting to know that the shift from breakfasts of eggs and bacon to cold cereal, and advocacy of a vegetarian diet in America, originally had the aim of killing libido.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Well Worth an Hour of Your Time!

Well, friends, I'm still trying to catch up with vital low carb information for you, that is in between spending time in the recliner because of my hip. This morning I was cruising through the Fat Head blog of Tom Naughton, and came across a recommendation from a reader. I donated an entire hour to listening to this speech by a cardiology professor and cardiac surgeon about a high fat life style versus high carb. His speech is well documented and he pretty much blows the low carb lovers out of the water. He has been on Jimmy Moore's podcast and many other venues. I don't think you'll be  disappointed if you spend an hour of your time watching this!