Monday, August 30, 2010

Passion for the environment, et al

Once again, this post has nothing to do with food, exactly, except maybe using our natural food resources wisely and not destroying our species in our greed for certain things! This is a passion of mine, and will continue to be. As a species, Homo sapiens has managed to really mess a lot of things up on this planet!

First of all, I would love for you all to browse through my sister-in-law's website of her art of the natural Florida. She is profoundly disabled and yet continues to share her zeal for preserving the environment with award-winning art. Take a few moments and have a look at her bio, awards and then the breath-taking art created with one arm. Read what she has to say about the environment! We all need to take heed and each do what we are able to do! I applaud all you OFL's who take time to garden and produce at least some of your own food! And as always, please, buy our own local produce. Everything imported you buy takes food from the mouths of our own farmers! Here is Kathy's website- it's worth the few minutes it takes to browse through!

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