Friday, August 20, 2010

Caution! Fire is Nothing to Play With!

This little excerpt has nothing whatsoever to do with food, but a couple of our OFL's are experiencing fire either first hand or second hand! I live three miles from the Osceola National Forest. Three years ago, during a drought, someone's lit cigarette butt started a forest fire that seared over 55,000 acres, killed multitudes of wildlife and sent dozens of people to the hospital with smoke inhalation, asthma attacks and even a few heart attacks!

These pictures are what the sky outside my house looked like at three in the afternoon. It was scary!! Completely like night when it should have been bright Florida sunshine!

I do feel passionately about this needless destruction of life and earth's abundance! So, the next time you raise your hand with a lit cigarette butt to toss it out the window, please think again! 

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