Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pan Seared Shrimp Courtesy of Susi

Good morning everyone,

I am plodding along, trying to snatch a moment here and there to get stuff posted for you here. There is still a load to come!

Susi, one of our OFL's from deep south Texas, posted this recipe for pan seared shrimp. It sounds delicious and incredibly easy for busy people! This will definitely be something I try really soon, as I can always get fresh shrimp. But, I think frozen would do just as well.

Pan Seared Shrimp
1 pound of shrimp- the amount doesn’t really matter- peeled and deveined, and washed
salt, pepper, splenda
2 T. Olive Oil or any kind of oil
Warm oil in a large skillet. I use medium heat on this. Add the shrimp, laying in one layer. Sprinkle them with a little salt and pepper and one package of Splenda. Cook one minute- take them off of the heat- turn them over, return to heat and cook till they are done. There should be a little brown on the bottom of the skillet. They shouldn’t have to cook more than 2 more minutes. They are just delicious like this- and perfect for us lowcarbers!

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