Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Refuting Bad Science, Facts about the Low Carb Life

As many who read this blog know, of late I've had a hard time keeping it current, so I will try and update a few things today. Lately on the Old Fat Lady forum on the Atkins site, there have been ladies struggling with advice from "health" professionals about what they should be eating. So, I'm posting a few things you can watch and listen to that are worth your time.

First of all is the Fathead movie about bad science. There is a staggering amount of bad science out there. Interestingly, a lot of so-called clinical studies about carbs, etc. are either funded by cereal companies or the pharmaceutical industry. And a lot of these studies are just downright fraudulent! So, take time and listen to these experts, who are just interested in your good health and good science.

This is Tom Naughton's speech from the recent low carb cruise:

Next is Dana Carpender's speech from the low carb cruise. This address will take you to her low carb blog. Scroll down the page and you will find her speech in two parts. She is funny and informative. Also take time to browse through her blog- there is a ton of good information here.

This contributed  by Kat, one of our OFL's:

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