Wednesday, September 22, 2010

General Sound-off to Rachel Ray and the Food Network!

Good morning all,

It's been a whole week since I worked on this blog. Life seemed to get in the way for a while! But, this morning, I got a pot of beef stock going (recipe later), and turned on the Food Network just in time to catch Rachel Ray's "Thirty Minute Meals."  She was making yet another high carb pasta dish, and started sounding off about how glad she was that the country got off it's low carb kick. She started running three miles a day just so she could eat pasta.

Well, Rachel, I have to tell you- the country is NOT OFF its low carb kick!! Not all of us can run three miles a day, much less three blocks! Those of us nearly double your age exercise as we can, but running is not possible or even good for us! And not all of us in danger of diabetes necessarily want to take more insulin to combat carbs, or even oral medication, when it can be completely avoided by low-carbing it!

I admit I do adapt some of Rachel's recipes to a low carb version and she is certainly talented, But I do hate it when someone makes such a comment to SUCH a devoted audience who obviously believe her word about carbs is gospel! There, I've said my piece.

To a happier note, it is possible to eat pasta- Dream Fields Pasta has discovered a way to make it low carb. I eat it a couple or three times a week now in this stage of the Atkins WOE, and have lost each week I ate it. My portions are moderate and I don't eat seconds, and it doesn't cause cravings. And the great thing is I found it locally at Wal Mart- surely, if you don't live on an ice berg, you have a store reasonably close to you?? And it is much less expensive than buying it online. 

When you get the time, take a gander at my version of shrimp and mussel alfredo over Dream Fields linguine. I definitely think this recipe could be used as well for chicken.

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