Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dr. Micahel Eades- "Mad as Hell"

Good morning- as you all know, I'm pretty reactionary, but after reading and reading, I feel I have the right! Just read this article by Dr. Michael Eades re: low carb life and the total ignorance of the greatest majority of the medical community. He is an excellent, intelligent writer and also well worth the read.

I have basically tired of talking to my doc and others of the benefits of low carb lifestyle. It's like they all clap their hands over their ears and say loudly, "I can't HEAR you!" This makes me mad as hell too, Mike! Even though I am living proof of what low carb has done for me, and what the pharmaceutical companies via my doctor were doing to me with statins. Soooo. I continue to do research, and my next doc visit I will go armed with a paper portfolio of articles about the low carb and also about statins, and how horrible they truly are! Will she read it? I don't know, but if she continues to tell me to consider statins and the ADA diet, maybe I should clap my hands over MY ears and say, "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"

Take a little time and have a read:


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