Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Vitamins C and D-3 for Prevention of Colds by Dr. Ben Kim

The following is an excerpt from Dr. Kim's newsletter about taking vitamins C and D-3 for preventing colds. I have also copied and pasted this rather than paraphrase what he said. 

Bear in mind that his smoothie is not for Atkins folks unless you are on maintenance and even then it is not something to indulge in every day. I am in the process of researching and trying to develop a vitamin C rich smoothie that is Atkins friendly. In the meantime, I think the main message is we should all be taking Vitamins C and D-3 daily, even if it's in the pill form.

With viruses being passed around like hot sweet
potatoes, this is the time of year when it's
probably wise to increase intake of micronutrients
that boost immune system strength.
The two most important ones are vitamin C and
vitamin D-3. 
My favorite way of getting plenty of C into my
famiy's diet is via smoothies.  Here's a look at
a post from last year that shows how we make
beautiful, vitamin C-rich smoothies:
To increase vitamin C content of such smoothies,
simply add a teaspoon of acerola cherry powder for
each serving.
If you're not taking a tablet version of vitamin D-3,
you can add vitamin D drops to your smoothies - this
is how we do it with our boys.  We use Carlson Labs
1000 IU D drops - two drops for each boy, every day.
On days when I can't drink as much acerola cherry
as I'd like, I make sure that I take a tablet of our
whole food vitamin C formula:
If you're not eating cultured or fermented foods,
another supplement to consider taking to support
your immune system is a high quality probiotic.  One
that I can strongly recommend is:

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