Monday, February 21, 2011

Stevia in the Raw

I've just been looking at Dana Carpender's blog, "Hold the Toast," and there's a very interesting post today on the new stevia in the raw, which can be used instead of sugar in baking. To those who are very sugar sensitive, do read this, because the stuff has sugar in it as does granular Splenda. .

I try not to use any sugar substitutes as they all add just a wee bit of carb. I'm even trying to wean myself from sweetened coffee. And another BTW, some people are very sensitive to Atkins Bars because they contain a very small amount of sugar. I don't eat them regularly, because I was near diabetic when I started the Atkins WOE again, and I try not to eat anything at all with sugar listed as an ingredient. I do love them once in a while for a treat or when I'm out and can't get back to the house for a regular meal.

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