Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Continuing Saga of Tightening Skin Courtesy of Doreen

Here is another little addendum that Doreen has given us for tightening skin- re: products she uses. She's so good at feedback on this sort of stuff, I'm sure we'll find out how it works when she has results to repot!

'Saga of Tightening Skin'

I have been using a product called Oxylift believe it or not, it does seem to help. My Dad's angry scowl over my right eye that I inherited almost disappears after a couple uses. and it does help tighten up saggy jowls. I use a facial cleaner, eye cream and night cream from Aubrey, no nasties in it. I just started last night with their Collagen cream from Aubrey. It has soluble collagen and elastins in it so they will penetrate the skin. I then use the Oxylift to help it get to where it is needed!
I'm also using the collagen cream on my inside upper arm area and inner thighs. I was shocked a few months ago by the fact that they have become very yucky! I'll report in a couple weeks if there is an improvement. I also booked a holiday to Punta Cana for Jan. so they better perk up so I can where cooler clothes there!

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