Sunday, October 17, 2010

Atkins Friendly Fresh Cranberry Sauce Courtesy of Doreen

Well, again I haven't posted in a while due to my mother's illness. All has calmed a bit and I have some time to myself, so am making and effort to catch up.

I know our Canadian friends have already had Thanksgiving, but all of us from the US have it fast-approaching. And who wants a turkey dinner without cranberry sauce? I just looked at a can of whole berry cranberry sauce I have in the pantry, and about had a heart attack when I saw the carb listing! Doreen has solved that for us! Here is her version of Atkins friendly cranberry sauce. Thanks, Doreen!

I make a kind of low carb cranberry sauce. For 1 bag of cranberries you add 1 Cup Splenda and 1/2 cup of water. Bring to a slow boil, the berries will start to pop. I take a potato masher and help them along! If it is not thick enough add a little xanthan gum. Put it in sealer jars and yummy! Nothing tastes better than homemade cranberry sauce!

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