Friday, August 5, 2011

A Sad Day for Jimmy and Christine Moore!

I cannot let another day go by without mentioning Jimmy and Christine Moore! For those of you who don't know who Jimmy is, you are missing a rare treat. Jimmy's story is truly inspirational and he now devotes his life to helping others on this low carb journey. He has a blog- Livin' La Vida Low Carb, as well as others, and he also does pod casts a couple of times a week with many figures from the low carb world. Jimmy is my favorite low carb guru for sure, as well as an inspiration in the way life should be lived. If you don't know Jimmy's story, go to:

 I strongly urge you to check out Jimmy's blog and listen to his pod casts. Some are on posts on this blog- I try to reference those that I think would be especially meaningful to Atkins people.

If you know Jimmy, you know that he and his wife Christine have been trying to have a baby for sixteen years. IVF failed, and recently they tried embryo adoption and Christine got pregnant. Check out the video of that happy moment on his blog. Sadly, this past week, Christine lost their baby. There is even a video of Jimmy and Christine talking about living through this grief with God's help, and also thanking readers for their support and love. I don't know how they did that! They are special people!

So, let's all pray for Jimmy and Christine and keep supporting this wonderful work he is doing!

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