Sunday, August 28, 2011

Review of Chocolate Quest Bars by Dana Carpender

As usual, when i have a little time, I spend it catching up on low carb reading and research. Since Dana Carpender has her new pod cast, her blog is not very hard to catch up on a slow Sunday afternoon. She and her husband have tried the new Quest Chocolate bars, and here is their two-line review.
A Two Line Review of the New Chocolate Quest Bars
A Two Line Review of the new Chocolate Quest Bars:
Me: "They remind me of Tootsie Rolls."
TNBIM: "Oh, geez, totally!"
Considerably higher protein and lower carb than Tootsie Rolls, of course.

Quest will send you a free sample- just use the link in Dana's review. I did order a free sample, and am still waiting, so I'll update you when I get them.

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