Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Egyptian Mummies and Heart Disease

As usual, dear friends, I am trying to catch up on research and reading, and impart things to you I find meaningful. As you know, while Jimmy Moore is on vacation with his wife Christine, he has left us with a list of blogs to read, almost all low carb and/or paleo. I might add, I am so thrilled that this blog of the OFL's has landed on Jimmy's "to read" list again! I never dreamed that would happen! I feel so honored!

Today, after hospital duty with my mother, I napped to get my mush brain going and then began to read. I found some really interesting blog posts that are worth reading. The first is about the fact that a large percentage of Egyptian mummies have been found to have atheroschlerosis, ie. heart disease. Well, once again current nutritionists and researchers have fudged on the truth and decided that it must be genetic. As Jimmy says, pardon me while I bang my head on my desk! Once more, these "researchers" have found a catch all. Come on guys- by the time the Egyptians were mummifying their dead, they were no longer low carb hunter/gatherers! They ate grains  and all those things we low carbers avoid, with resultant better health. Sigh...

Anyway read this article and several more on the same web page. It's well written and worth your time to once more be reinforced with your low carb lifestyle!


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