Friday, August 5, 2011

Answer to Question- Is Coconut Oil Safe for the Obese on Atkins"

Good morning. I apologize for not getting to the comments section until this morning. My life does have a way of getting in the way of things.

A reader asked the question- "Will obese people have the chance to eat these candies? Is oil from coconut safe for the overweight?" This question was asked in reference to Sharon's Coconut Oil Candies.

Well, dear reader, if you are on the Atkins way of life, you must know that this is a diet of HIGH fat, moderate protein and low carbohydrates. Unfortunately, the "health" and pharmaceutical industries have been brain-washing the American public about the horrors of FAT for many yesrs! I beg of you to go and read the entire wealth of information about this way of eating that is available for free on the Atkins site! I personally have been eating this way since April of 2010 and have gradually increased my fats over time with the result of increased weight loss, better numbers at the doc's office and a general feeling of well-being!

Doreen, one of our OFL's and our resident researcher has done some wonderful research on the benefits of coconut oil If you haven't read this post, please do so. Well worth your time!  Go to:

So, bottom line is enjoy this candy and add things that are legal as you like! I put pecans in mine for a little crunch. Sharon even bought candy molds for hers. Makes a pretty, indulgent treat!

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