Monday, August 1, 2011

OFL Gallery I

Well, it's day three since I got the bright idea to establish an Old Fat Ladies photo gallery. I still think it's a bright idea and I'm assuming that because it was the weekend, I have only gotten one photo submission. Valorie sent a picture she put together of her and her adorable grandson Nolan, so I'm starting this gallery, and will also look for my own pictures to put up.  So, the rest of you, give us yourselves, scenery, pets, family, whatever!

                                                           Valorie and Nolan 

Well, since I got the bright idea of a photo gallery, Valorie has been my only taker! Sniff! So, I guess I am forced to post a couple of my pictures. I was waiting till later, but... Come on guys...

The first is my mother with Elisabeth at her last recital for her students in 2008- she is with Elisabeth, who was always her star pupil. The second is Elisabeth, just goofing around. Hard to believe my mother was organizing and running a recital for 40 students in 2008 at the age of 88!

I have finally found one picture of myself. It is an old one taken when DH was alive, and before I had teeth fixed and when I had lost only twenty pounds. Suffice it to say, I don't really look like this now, but family members still recognize me! LOL!  

It's a happy day for me! One more person has shared themselves with the OFL's. One of our newbies, Panda has sent a picture of herself and her mother, Panda taken on New Year's Day this year. Thanks so much for sharing! Sue, I'm waiting for those pics you had trouble sending yesterday!

Well, we are making progress on our gallery! Finally! The next three pictures are of our long time member of the OFL's-, Carole. The first is Carole with her BF on the left and her friends from Holland on the right. This was her birthday.

Next is Carole's first grandson at his wedding.

And the third picture is our sweet Carole holding her great-grandson!

Sharon is now back from the west coast and is sharing, too. The first picture is sweet little Eliana after her first haircut. Eliana is Sharon's granddaughter.

The next picture is Sharon on her CD cover. If you newbies aren't familiar with Sharon's music, you are missing a rare and beautiful treat!

The happy day finally arrived for Sharon and her partner and she has shared two pictures with us. Hopefully, there will be more to come!!

Now, to top off Sharon's wedding pictures, here's another joyous occasion! Her visit to California in November 2011, to see her DIL, SIL and grnddaughter Eliana. This is just adorable! Sharon bought Eliana a chef's outfit and cooked with her. I know we're all going to enjoy "Chef Ellis's" progress as she grows!

We have a new addition to our gallery! Sue in Texas has shared herself and her two precious grandgirls that she avidly sews for! It's so nice to put a face with this friendly member of OFL's!

Sue has now shared some more of her family- the family pooches. We all know they are as much a part of the family as the humans. I'll let Sue describe them to you.
Here are the family dogs.  Bailey is our 12 year old love.  Ruger is my son's Belgium lab who now has diabetes and is blind.  He's the best tempered dog ever and has lost from 110 lb to about 90 lb.  Josie is my DIL's rescue dog.  Looks and temperment much like Bailey except Josie has brown on her.  We still get them mixed up when they're all together. 

Thanks Sue!

Finally, another one of our dear long time OFL's has signed in to the gallery! Doreen, our resident researcher has sent pictures of her house in winter and in summer. As you probably know, if you are an OFL, Doreen lives in the great northland of Canada and has kept us in suspense at times with the miseries of winter there. So, take a look at the change in seasons, and we will wait with baited breath for some pictures of Doreen!

At last! We now have pictures of Doreen and some of her family! 
This first one is of Doreen's MIL, Ethel, who was "only" 93 at the time it was taken.

 This next picture is of Doreen! Really nice picture!
 And finally, Doreen, the Farmer we've heard so much about, Myles and her two nieces.

Here's a gorgeous flower arrangement for fall courtesy of Susi. This one makes me think of Thanksgiving and pumpkins!

Panda, one of our newer OFL's sent us a picture of before and after she started Atkins. This is after she has lost 30 pounds so far! I can really tell the difference! Keep going, Panda!

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  1. It is so nice to have faces to put with the life stories of the people we have grown to care so much about over the last year.