Saturday, June 18, 2011

Veggie Loaded Spread or Dip Courtesy of Gabby

If you're an OFL, you know I've promised this recipe for several days. This recipe can be doubled or tripled to make any amount you want. Also, ingredients can be tweaked in any way you want to do it. The recipe posted makes about 1 1/2 cups of dip, depending on how many veggies you want to add. So, finally, here it is.:

Cheesy Veggie Dip/Spread

4 ounces of softened cream cheese
1/2 cup of mayonnaise
1 Tablespoon of each of the following very finely minced or briefly pulsed in your blender or food processor:
Tomato, with pulp and seeds removed
red onion (any other onion will do)
Red bell pepper (green or yellow will do also)
Frozen chopped spinach with all liquid squeezed out
And any other raw veggies you like. Feel free to leave out what you don't want.
1/4 cup (or more) of finely shredded cheese- I used five cheese Italian 
1 Teaspoon Basil (use fresh if possible) or Dill or any other herb you like
If you want a little kick to it, add as much finely minced Jalapeno pepper as desired.
Lemon Pepper- mix everything thoroughly before adding this spice, as it can ruin the dip if there's too much.

Thoroughly mix cream cheese and mayonnaise till creamy and smooth. Add in all other ingredients until well mixed. At this point if you want more, add more mayonnaise till it's the consistency you desire. I make it a little creamier for dip and a little stiffer for low carb crackers. Keep refrigerated.

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