Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Candy Recipe Courtesy of Cheryl

When one of our newer OFL's posts a recipe on the forum, I am always happy- means they are really getting into our WOE! So, Cheryl, a relatively new OFL posted this recipe for a no cook candy that looks simple to make. Another one of our ladies has already tried it and said it was good. She intends to find sugar free peanut butter and make Atkins friendly "Reese's Cups!" So here it is:

Stumbled on a candy recipe using coconut oil if anyone is interested. Haven't made it yet so can't vouch for tastiness.

Jan's Recipe
4 oz coconut oil, 2 oz almond/flax butter Trader Joe, 1.5 oz chopped nuts, 1T dutch cocoa powder, sweetner to taste, smidgen of salt. Mix and place in 12 mini cupcake cups, refrig till firm.
2 1/2 oz virgin coconut oil, 1 oz Hershey's Special Dark cocoa powder, sweetner and almonds. Melt oil and add other ingredients. Refrig till firm.

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