Monday, June 13, 2011

Health Supplements Courtesy of Doreen

As few of you on the forum have asked our researcher, Doreen what supplements she is taking, as she seems to have a boundless amount of energy. So she has made a list for us. It must work well for Doreen as she is always on the go and doing, doing, doing! So here they are.


Coconut Oil - 2 T a day
Probiotic Pearl - 1 a day -
PrimeZyme - 2 a day - for digestion
OmegaFirst (oil) -
Vit. D - 3-4000 units a day
L-Theanine - 2 a day(green tea extract) relieves stress
Vit C - 2 a day
Vit. B 100 Supreme - stress, and keeps mosquitos away from me
LysineL - helps form collogen, boosts immunity, prevents cold sores
CoQ10- heart,
Migraines - Vit. E, (2), Magnesium (2), Potasium (1)
EstroSense - if my estrogen gets high, 3 a day
AdrenaSense - if stressed, 2 - 4 a day
Progesterone Cream (Dr. Lee)- 1/4 tsp a day - rubbed on
Collagen cream

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