Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Some Low Carb Thoughts for the Upcoming Holidays via Dana Carpender

Well, folks, I went for my checkup with the doc yesterday, and found out that I've been fooling myself! Blood pressure was okay, don't know about cholesterol (don't care anyway- I would rather take arsenic than a statin drug,) BUT I've gained 8 pounds in the four months since I last saw her! I've been going along thinking that if I mostly did low carb and occasionally had potatoes, rice, bread, etc., it wouldn't matter. Obviously, it did! Soooo... yesterday, I literally had to force myself to go back to Atkins induction totally. 

And it was hard! Maybe not as hard as the first time I did Atkins, because I know for sure the rewards of sticking with it, but still hard. On the way home from the doc's office at lunch time, I was doing my usual stinking thinking and thought it wouldn't hurt to just pick up a piece of fried chicken. Screech went the brakes of my mind- I went a mile out of my way to get a Subway salad with oil and vinegar only. I knew I just wouldn't make anything low carb if I went home. The rest of the day was a fight, also- it would've been much easier to make a sandwich last night. But I didn't, and loaded up on protein and fat instead. One of the things that have been happening to me while I've been dabbling with the carbs is that I would wake in the middle of the night HUNGRY! I would get up, fix a piece of toast and be even more starving by breakfast.

This morning, I literally forced myself to make an omelet with ham, and I have just spent a few minutes planning out the rest of my food day. I CANNOT let this weight creep go on!! So, in the interest of doing this right, I began going back and reading different articles from my favorite low carb gurus. No matter what religion you are, you probably have a holiday coming up soon, and each one has its food traditions- much of which are high carb. So, I again read Dana Carpender's transcript of her pod cast before Thanksgiving. It deals with low carb alternatives and what to do about food pushers. I know we all have at least one food pusher in the family- "here, have some of this- it won't hurt you." Well, YES IT WILL! I think everyone can benefit from reading Dana's comments on Thanksgiving and applying them to the upcoming holidays. So, take a little time and read:

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