Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Low Carb Recipe Sites

As you may have read in my last post, I am on a quest to get back on track. So, I've been doing reading for inspiration today when time permits. One thing I found on one of the Atkins forums may be useful to everyone. It was on a thread introduced by someone off track who was just bored with her food. The advice given was to really vary her menu- she was eating the same things every day, every week, every meal- recipe for disaster! Being a former chef, I cannot deal with boring foods at all! I am always trying something new when I can. So, that being said, this is a list of sites for low carb recipes that you might find useful. I haven't looked at them all, so be sure and look at carb counts and don't automatically assume they are right for every phase.

Your Lighter Side:


All Recipes:

Simply Recipes:

Linda’s Low Carb Recipes:


Candice’s Low Carb Recipe Blog:

101 Cookbooks:

Sugar Free Low Carb Recipes:

Food Network:

Peggy’s Site (Atkins Community Member):

Baylor’s Site (Atkins Community Member):

Cori’s Low Carb Life (Atkins Community Member):

Tiger Talks: (Atkins Community Member):

Low Carb Luxury Kitchens:

Low Carb Friends:

Atkins Community Members Yahoo Group Recipes:

Healthy Indulgences:

Low Carb Forum Recipes:

Krys’ Low Carb Made Easy:

Deliciously Thin:

A Veggie Venture:

Primal Palate:

Elana’s Pantry:

Dessert Stalker:

Low Carb Cookworx:


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