Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tahini Talk Courtesy of Sharon

Sharon, one of our long time faithful OFL's has taught us along the way about foods from Israel and the Middle East. I have long heard of tahini, but never tried it, so take a look at what Sharon has to say about it. I'm definitely going to look for it in the one store here I think will carry it:

I've been eating less coconut oil candy lately and more tahini. It's really good. You can make it sweet with SF chocolate syrup or SF maple syrup, or savory with lemon, garlic and salt. Tahini base (what comes in the jar, that you add water and whatever else to) is 92 calories a tablespoon, with a ratio of 78% fat, 12% protein, 10% carbs. Two tablespoons, with an equal amount of water beaten in and a teaspoon of whatever SF syrup you choose, is an amazing way to end the day.

Tahini is made of ground sesame seeds. Health food stores and Middle Eastern food stores carry it. The best brands, in my opinion, are the organic ones made in Israel -- Adama (which means "earth" in Hebrew, as in what you plant in, not as in the globe) and Harduf (which means "oleander" in Hebrew). But any tahini is good. Not the already seasoned kind ("tahini salad") that might be in the refrigerator case, but the plain kind ("tahini base") that's in a jar on the shelf. Careful -- even the jar kind may be pre-seasoned in some brands, and then you can't use it for sweet. You want 100% sesame tahini.

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