Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just Some Thoughts on Thanksgiving Courtesy of Dana Carpender

OK, we all need to pay attention here. The dreaded holidays are coming! And for those of you who were children of mixed marriages like I am, it means more holidays than our strictly Christian sisters and brothers have! We have Channukah, too!  Having been on low carb for a good while (since March of 2010,) I proved to myself I could get through holidays on low carb. I had to seriously readjust my mind set! Holidays and family DID NOT  have to mean overindulgence!  I got through Thanksgiving eating pumpkin custard instead of pumpkin pie- mine was sweetened with Splenda. I ate no dressing- no potatoes, but I pigged out on turkey with a little gravy on it, deviled eggs, celery stuffed with cream cheese, greens (so near and dear to the hearts of southerners,) and anything else I could find low carb. I got through Aunt Judy's Channukah celebration eating low carb and yes, I ate matzoh ball soup without the matzoh balls. I never was truly impressed with matzoh balls anyway.

All this being said, we NEED to plan ahead. And I think Dana Carpender's article about the impending holidays is good advice. I truly believe that if you plan on indulgence, it has to be something you just truly love! Not something you eat "because we always have that on Thanksgiving."

Take time and  read Dana's blog article and start planning. If you don't plan now, it's like a minefield for the next month and a half! Is it really worth it to wake on January 2nd 10 pounds heavier??

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