Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Be Very Afraid of Big Pharma! Not Cholesterol!

This morning, as I was eating my lovely cholesterol-laden breakfast of bacon and fried eggs, I tried to catch up on some of me reading to pass on to you. There was a great article by Dana Carpender on her blog, and I am FURIOUS!!  If you are one of the ones that still worries about cholesterol, you need to read this article. Also, read the article by Dr. Duane Graveline on statin drugs and what they do to the human body. Before I became informed about the great cholesterol con, I allowed myself to be put on a statin drug. In less than a week, I had muscle pain and weakness, and went from walking normally to having to use a cane. Some of the side effects have never gone away, but luckily, I got smart sooner than later. If you are taking a statin, this is NOT good! So here's Dana's article and a couple of others that you should definitely read!





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