Sunday, January 8, 2012

Review of Fat Head Movie by Tom Naughton

By far, I think my favorite low carb blogger is Tom Naughton. He is not only a comedian and low carb blogger, but he has truly done the world a favor by creating the movie Fat Head! Now, if only the world will watch it- twice! Once is just not enough to get it all. He exposes the giant frauds of science researchers over the years concerning the low fat, high carb diets, the pharmaceutical companies and even the government! His movie is entertaining and yet extremely scientific, using many foremost medical researchers who are also low carbers.

I got my copy from Amazon, but it is now available for the US on iTunes to just watch or download. I cannot tell you enough just how wonderful this documentary is! My favorite quote of the whole movie is while the credits are rolling at the end: "This documentary in no way is meant to replace the useless information you can get from your physician or nutrition adviser." 

So do yourself a real favor and watch this movie! And then spread the word!


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