Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wheat Belly review courtesy of Dana Carpender

As most of you know, I have been slow doing blogs due to the recent death of my mother. Now, I am taking a breather from daily running and chores and trying to catch up on reading and reporting to you. Last night I did some reading on Dana Carpender's blog "Hold the Toast," and was especially fascinated with her review of the book, Wheat Belly." Once again, I have renewed my vow to totally give up gluten. After reading this review, I was amazed at just how addictive gluten is and the conditions and symptoms attributed to consumption of products containing gluten! I recognized some of those symptoms in myself when I consume gluten-containing products, especially the sheer addictiveness of it!

If you are from the South, and know something about Southern funeral customs, you know that food is an integral part of the process. Our family was inundated with food brought to the house immediately after my mother passed away, and then the ladies of my mother's church prepared a gargantuan feast for all attendees afterward in the church dining hall.  I guess I could have remained low carb, if I had eaten nothing but meat for four days. But, I didn't. I ate casserole's, home-made cake and heavenly yeast risen rolls, potato salad, sweet potato souffle, and you name it. As a result, I am in dire need of a low-carber's rehab unit! A locked down unit! I am addicted once again to all the gluten containing foods! Somewhere in my mind, I have always thought that addiction was too strong a word for what is ailing me now. IT'S NOT! All I want at this point is more of the stuff. And yet, it makes me feel so bad! So, back to square one for me tomorrow.

I have ordered the book, Wheat Belly, and will give my own review when I finish. Meanwhile, have a read at what Dana has to say about the book. It is informative and fascinating, although a little scary.

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